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Why Modify your seat? 

 STOCK SEATS STINK! The bike manufacturers use average foam in their seats and for the most part is not going to give you a long and comfortable ride. 

Tall riders, short riders, we can modify the seat to fit you.

Passenger complaining about uncomfortable ride? No Problem.






       The Original Visco-Gel Pad and Memory Foam Specialist

Our installation is a Three Layer Process and Top Rated in the Motorcycle Industry for Comfort, Price and Customer Satisfactory.

         Halloween SALE -  All passenger seats FREE 

                         Driver & Passenger Seat $229

  1. Cut out the sitting section and install our Visco-Gel Memory Foam Pad.

  2. Install a layer of soft Memory Foam over it.

  3. Then install a 3rd layer of Upholstery Foam over first two layer

If requested we can cut back the tailbone section to give you extra room in the saddle and/or dish out the seat to help get a lowere riding position.

Seat too high. We can lower it. Need more height, No problem.(OEM Seats Only) 

SORE TAILBONE? Not any more. We can soften that hard spot.

Our Visco Gel Memory Foam help increase blood flow to the ‘sitting area’ and act as a shock absorber for the lower back.

Our Visco-Gel Pads WILL NOT melt, harden, freeze or deteriorate.

Before you spend BIG money on a new seat, try us. We guarantee our workmanship will be top quality and your seat will be shipped back to you in pristine condition. We guarantee all workmanship and will preserve the original look of the seat. 

Every rider has different dimensions, sizes and shapes. We help shape the seat to fit your riding profile so you can have a more comfortable ride.

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I would like to Thank You for the excellent job on my
seat. It was more than I ever expected. It has been
over 90 degrees every day for over 2 weeks and the
seat stays comfortable, I have never had that ride
before with the bike. Again Thank You

The website was great. The process of sending the seat out was easy. The service was quick and courteous. The value of the service is a tremendous deal. This may be the last true value left in the world! Thanks

    NOTE: Important thing to note when ordering.  All covers are stretched back on and re-stapled. On after market seats, (Corbin, Mustang, etc...) we re-rivet the covers back on. If there are not any special instructions or questions attached to the order form we proceed with the installation. All questions and/or inquires must be made by the customer via email, phone or order form. If no such inquiries are made, once we get the seat and payment we proceed with the installation process.

HEATED SEATS: We will NOT cut out the heating element. We install Memory Foam and Upholstery foam over the heating element. Call prior to sending in a heated seat. 

 DISCLAIMER. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT A GEL PAD AND MEMORY FOAM INSTALLATION WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR RIDING DISCOMFORT. EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS BUILT DIFFERENTLY AND EVERY ONE WILL GET DIFFERENT RESULTS.  All customers that agree into a purchasing agreement for our custom reupholstering service agrees to this warranty and limitations of liability..