We will beat any competitor price and stand by our products. We guarantee our Memory Foam and Gel Pads Products for the life of your seat.

Although the old type gel pads may help improve the seat, they do nothing to absorb impact while riding. Does NASA put gel pads on seats in the Space Shuttle? Is there gel pads on the seats of Jet Liners? Are gel pads used in wheel chairs? NO NO NO.. They all use a top quality Visco-Gel Memory Foam.

NO, they will not melt, freeze, harden or deteriorate,  All our products are guaranteed for the life of your seat.

Yes, We can modify just about any seat

NO, You will feel the difference immediately.

Yes. The seat cover goes on just as it came off. Obviously if the seat is being shaved down the profile of the seat will change. However we will refit the cover.

Yes. We can shave the seat any way to fit your riding profile. We can move you back or lower the riding position.

Box the seat and use what ever vendor is easiest for you.  

            U.S. Postal Service, USPS,  Fed X.

Shipping rate keep sky rocketing due to UPSP and UPS.  Any questions please call prior to shipping.

Once we get your seat we have it complete and reshipped in 5 - 7 business days.

Yes, However we charge a slightly higher price for these seats because the covers installed with rivets and must be riveted back on. This requires a little more time.  Any questions please call us for details,

Yes, If you send us a aftermarket backrest we will install it free of charge with the purchase of a Driver/Passenger seat Memory Foam Installation.

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