AMSSS Limited Warranty

AMSSS was started in 2003 to give the consumer an alternate solution to buying an after market seat.  Many after market products are very good but they can be quite expensive. We feel that with our Visco-Gel Pad and Memory Foam products, we can achieve a comfort level that can surpass the after market product for about 30% of what you would pay for a after market seat. We stand by our product and guarantee all workmanship.

What we do is take off the seat cover and shape and fine tune the foam to fit your body size. Most seat manufacturers do not take into account that we spend long hours in the saddle.  Some riders complain they can ride as little as 30 minutes before they start feeling that tailbone numbness and butt pain. Our process will help eliminate this problem. We cut and shape the seat any way you need it to fit your body.

Visco-GelMemory Foam Pads are Guaranteed for life of your bike

All seat reupholstering and foam products are free from defects in the materials we use and workmanship for a period of one year from the date it is shipped to you. We will correct any problems that may occur within this time frame free of charge to the original customer on the order (return shipping back to us is the sole responsibility of the customer). Any modifications made by the customer on the seat will void this warranty.

Alteration Policy

Most seat foam modifications almost always produce satisfactory results and the customers are quite pleased. However complex changes, such as the complete removal and complete reconstruction of the base foam from the seat hard base shell may require testing and further adjustments. Any further modification requests made by the customer may result in further charges.  On older seats that need a complete reconstruction and new cover we will try and reproduce the original look of the seat. The customer MUST let us know what the desired padding results they are looking for. Hard, Medium, Soft. Please see our order form for specifications.

We will do our best and take each foam installation request and recommendation made by the customer to improve riding comfort on the seat. However we cannot guarantee that it will be exactly as the customer may expect. Please remember we are all built differently down in the seat of our pants and at times a contour change in the seat will only produce satisfactory results.


NOTE: Some Sport Bike Seats are very narrow any cannot be carved out to install the one inch thick memory foam. On these seats we install a double layer on 1/4" soft memory foam. Please call for details on sport bike installations.

Any modifications made by a customer to one of our seat installs will validate and null and void the AMSSS guarantee.