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XTREME Modification  on a Harley Davidson Seat using our Super Visco-elastic Gel Memory Foam.

Our Super Foam is designed to mold exactly to the body contours. 

This is a high density (5lb/ft) foam has super impact absorption. This is the same foam used in military ejection seats because of its excellent anti-fatigue and high absorption capability.

This picture shows the seat cut down. Prior to cutting the stock foam, it is about 1 inch over where the red line is on the sitting area) . Customer needed the tailbone section shaved and wanted to sit flat footed.  Keeping the original line of the seat, I took 1 full inch off  the seat profile.            



After the seat is properly cut to size, as request by customer, we then cut out a section  to install our

        Super Visco-elastic Memory Gel Foam.


1 Inch Thick Super Visco-elastic Gel Foam gets inserted into the cutout


Foam perfectly flush with the border of the original seat foam

We also do the same Xtreme Modification with 3/4"Gel Pad instead of Memory Foam

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Most other companies install a cover at this point. However here is were we beat our competitors. We cover the entire seat with second layer of Super Visco-elastic Gel Memory Foam. This is 1/4" layer of soft memory foam that smoothes out the entire seat. 


Another very important step that we DO NOT over look is a moisture barrier. Once you get caught in the rain and water soaks through your seat cover the foam will NEVER dry out. Some manufacture will have a plastic barrier while some DO NOT. We install one on every seat.

This will not in any way impact or compromise the comfort of the seat. It will however guarantee a seat that will always have dry foam.




We clean and treat all seats with our Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.


NOTE: Some Sport Bike Seats are very narrow any cannot be carved out to install the one inch thick memory foam. On these seats we install a double layer on 1/4" soft memory foam. Please call for details on sport bike installations.

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