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1" Thick Super Visco-Elastic Gel Memory Foam covered with 1/4"  Memory Foam - DRIVER SEAT Only

$199 Sale  $169

1" Thick" Super Visco-elastic Gel Memory Foam covered with 1/4" Memory Foam. DRIVER and PASSENGER SEATS                     

$219 Sale  $189


Aftermarket Seats  (Corbin, Mustang). 1 " Thick Super Visco-elastic Gel Memory Foam covered with 1/4" Memory Foam

$199 Sale $199

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Shipping $29.95
Shipping Insurance (optional) $5.00
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DISCLAIMER. We guarantee all workmanship for a period of one year from your original order date. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT A GEL PAD AND MEMORY FOAM INSTALLATION WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR RIDING DISCOMFORT. EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS BUILT DIFFERENTLY AND EVERY ONE WILL GET DIFFERENT RESULTS. All customers that agree into a purchasing agreement for our custom reupholstering service agrees to this warranty and limitations of liability. We insure all parcels that we send with US Postal Service for $200. We do not accept responsibility if your parcel (seat) is lost once the Postal Service has it in their possession. 

NOTICE: Some aftermarket seats use a very strong glue to attach the cover to the seat foam. When we separate the cover from the foam it sometimes will cause a wrinkle effect on the cover.  We do our best to reinstall as prefect as when first installed at the factory.



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Americana Soft Seats 
116 Brookview Cr.
Jamesburg, NJ 08831