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$129 Driver Seat Gel Pad Installation

UNBEATABLE SUPER SAVER PRICE BREAK THROUGH. You get the Driver Seat installed with our multi-step process for the incredible price of $129.

Passenger complaining about uncomfortable ride? No Problem.


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             Guaranteed lowest price anywhere!!!

                                      WHY GEL PADS?

Still Not Convinced?? We Guarantee our Gel Pads for the life of your bike. These pads will never break down. EVER!

We guarantee all workmanship, gel and foam products. Our Gel Pads and Memory Foam will last for years.


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NOTE: Sale Prices do not include after market seats. Important thing to note when ordering.  All covers are stretched back on and re-stapled. On after market seats, (Corbin, Mustang, etc...) we re-rivet the covers back on. If there are not any special instructions or questions attached to the order form we proceed with the installation. All questions and/or inquires must be made by the customer via email, phone or order form. If no such inquiries are made, once we get the seat and payment we proceed with the installation process.

DISCLAIMER. We guarantee all workmanship for a period of one year from your original order date. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT A GEL PAD AND MEMORY FOAM INSTALLATION WILL SOLVE ALL YOUR RIDING DISCOMFORT. EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS BUILT DIFFERENTLY AND EVERY ONE WILL GET DIFFERENT RESULTS.  All customers that agree into a purchasing agreement for our custom reupholstering service agrees to this warranty and limitations of liability.


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