Our Goal

Most riders rarely pay attention to a motorcycle seat when in the showroom. Sure they look great, sleek, sexy and cool, however we do not get to know the real seat until you are on the road for a while. Then we really get to know the seat. Most of us have been there. Riding along feeling so cool out on my new ride, then after a while, "OH MY LORD, THIS CAN’T BE, MY BUTT IS IN PAIN". By the end of your long ride you are screaming and screeching.. What next?? A $600 aftermarket seat? Most aftermarket seats are better then an OEM seats but are they specifically tailored to fit you? Absolutely not! Also some riders do find that the stock OEM seat is just as comfortable and sometimes more comfortable than an aftermarket seat.


Here at Americana Soft Seats we are dedicated to bring all motorcycle enthusiasts a more pleasurable ride. At AMSSS we will take the stock seat and replace the hard stock foam with our easy ride Visco-Gel Memory Foam. We will also reshape the seat to your specifications.

Here at AMSSS we have incorporated the use of the highest quality Visco-Gel Memory Foam in every seat modification. Why Visco-Gel instead of a standard gel pad? Simple. The tailbone is very poor at carrying any weight. After riding for as little as one hour the tailbone is pounding up and down on the seat. After a while it starts to ‘numb out’ and the pain begins. That is because there is no give/rebound on the OEM stock foam or a standard old type gel pad. Our Visco-Gel Memory Foam is designed to ‘give’ and ‘rebound’ which cushions and helps absorb the constant abuse on the tailbone. We then use a second layer of the highest quality memory foam over the entire seat. If we just stopped at this point the seat would better much better that an OEM stock seat. However we go the extra step. At no extra cost, if you choose, we can reshape the seat to your height, weight and specifications.

Passenger complaining about uncomfortable ride? No Problem. We can install a double layer of our Super Soft  Memory Foam on the passenger pillion seat. Our Americana Soft Seats motorcycle Visco-Gel pads are designed to provide the ultimate comfort for long motorcycle rides. Our Visco-Gel pad inserts help increase blood flow to the ‘sitting area’ and act as a shock absorber for the lower back. Our gel pads are designed to maximize comfort and improve your ride.


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