To anyone who reads this page: Everything written here is from some great customers and I thank them. Over 15 years we've been in business and the hundreds and hundreds of seats we have customized I have gotten 99% positive reviews. However as with all businesses there will always be a few unhappy customers that were not satisfied with the results. As I GUARANTEE I will take back any seat and rework it no matter what! Free of charge to the customer. Out of the 1% that I have taken back and reworked for one reason or another there has been a VERY few customers (2 or 3) that I could not make happy no matter what. 

There fore if anyone has any questions about my seat modifications after going through these web pages I ask that we be contacted at AMSSS and we will glad to speak to anyone who calls and gladly answer any questions.  

Thank you and Safe Riding to all.

Please read the rest of my testimonials..


Needed to prepare for the American Iron Butt Motorcycle challenge. A friend of mine recommeded your company so I decided to give you guys a try. Needless to say I was very pleaded with the outcome. The seat on my ST1300 was okay, however after you installed your gel and memory foam the seat was unbelievably 100% better. I was able to ride all day we very little discomfort. Your process worked great and I am recommending you to everyone in my club. 

Thank You, Phil M, 


I sent you my 1983 v65 magna seat over 2 years ago, but I forgot to send you a thank you note.  Before sending you my seat, 40 miles and my butt and back hurt.  After getting my seat back from you I completed an iron butt sore saddle 1000 (1k miles in 24 hours) and had ZERO butt or back problems.  20k miles later the shape of the seat is still perfect and the visco-gel/memory foam combo is just as comfortable as day 1.
Thank you
Alex L:

If I didn't know better, I would have thought you put a new set of shocks on my bike!

One of the best investments I've made in quite sometime.

Haven't gotten to take a long ride but, went on a two hundred mile short jog

and everything was great! Height was a lot better. Will know more on a long run later.

Wife was equally impressed with her seat. Now she needs a taller windshield. Knew that was coming though.

Have and will continue, recommending you to friends of mine.

Thanks again, Rick from Oklahoma,


Cliff C. - The website was great. The process of sending the seat out was easy. The service was quick and courteous. The value of the service is a tremendous deal. This may be the last true value left in the world! Thanks


Bill S. from PA

Sending you guys my third seat. First two were fantastic. Thanks


To All Americana Soft Seats Personnel:

Huge different! Riding my bike with the Super Gel Pad

and Memory Foam Combo on my seat is extremely amazing

how comfortable my seat plus I don't have to tip toe,

thanks for honoring my request to lower the Driver

seat one inch. If only I have a really huge gas tank,

I could ride my bike all day nonstop. Also, I am so

impress how fast you guys work and produce real good

quality products. Job well done.




Alan - CT. Seats came back in perfect condition.

I am very concerned about the way your company does business.

1. You answered my E-mail the very same day that I sent you the inquiry.

2. You were very courteous and answered all my questions.

3. You reworked and shipped the seats back to me within a few days of my shipping the seats to you from Connecticut!

4. You sent me the above E-mail to let me know the seats were on the way back.

How do you expect to stay in business with such a poor business ethic? I Thank you for all your help.



Vern K. - Washington - Very happy with the whole transaction. The workmanship was great along with the recommendations from you. Thanks again for a great product, and yes I would use your services again in a heartbeat, and will recommend you to any one looking to do a seat remodel.


John P. of Grand Rapids. MI,, AMSSS was a life saver. Say good bye to that numb butt and hello to big smile. Improved the ride on my Valkarie to a new comfort level.

    Mary F. of Brooklyn, NY. Since my husband sent our VTX seat to American Soft Seats he can never leave the house without me on the passenger seat. Makes my ride so much more comfortable. Thanks, AMSSS

Mark F. Vineland, NJ. Saved about $350 by using AMSSS. Used the money for some loud pipes. Soft ride and loud pipes, what can be better.  Two thumbs up for Americana.

Ben L. Provo, Utah,  I highly recommend your service to all riders. Made my old AERO seat like new. Thanks AMSSS.

Anatoli, R. Virginia Beach, Thanks guys at AMSSS. So much more better to ride my now. Cheap price for a great riding seat.

Jean P. Athens, Ohio,  The VTX 1300 stock seat was like cement after 45 minutes. Spent $475 on a new seat and the ride was worst. Took my stock VTX seat and sent it to AMSSS and now I use it exclusively. I just sold the $475 seat. Should have used AMSSS first. Thank you to Americana Soft Seats.

Chris A. Orlando, Fl. For the money AMSSS is hard to beat. Got my seat back to me in about week. What a difference in the ride. It is hard to believe that my 'ASS' does not get sore or numb like before. I tried some of the other big names in seats over the years and I think you end up just paying for the name. It's a psychological thing. You think it's better and your mind tricks the body in believing it. At AMSSS it's no gimmicks or trick, just comfort,,, that's the name of the game.

F.Newt. N.C. I received my seat today. It looks great. Your people did a great job on it. I can feel the difference in the weight of the seat and how it feels. Thanks again for your promptness in completing the job and the courtesy you have shown me.

thanks again,

Rocko L. Fort Wayne. Unbelievable. The stock VTX seat was murder. Could not ride more than 1 hour. After AMSSS worked their magic that seat was great. No more sore ass and tailbone. Recommend to anyone.

Herb S. LA. Ca.   AMSS great service, polite and fast. BIG improvement on those long rides.

Tom - Bos. Mass.  -    Thanks for a very a quick professional service.  Excellent communication



Steve. Olympia WA.   I received a sample of leather conditioner today and tried it on one of my 'older' vests ... you know the kind, good quality leather that's seen the normal wear and tear of lots of happily ridden miles?

When in Sturgis, I had my boots done by someone selling a leather / boot conditioner that I thought was pretty good. It pales in comparison to what I received today.

This is GOOD stuff, and will work on leather or vinyl ... BLACK only. I'd recommend it.

Jim A. NewTown, NJ. I just wanted to let the staff at AMSSS know that the Leather Conditioner they sent me is a very good product.  I used the black conditioner on my seat and it really did the trick. Seat almost looks news. Worked great on my boots also. 

Coffee Joe.  Austin Tx.  Hey guys, the seat mod is working out okay and feels pretty darn good. But I have to yell you boys that the free sample of leather conditioner was a great added bonus. This stuff works great.  I used it on my daughters black saddle and it brought that old thing back to life.

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